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Lecture 6

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Political Science
Christopher Cochrane

POLB50 Lecture 6 October-18-12 3:07 PM Cue Note-Taking Area: Column: • Prorogued: everything stops completely and shuts down; start brand new • Conventions - making use of unwritten rules; can't be enforced in court ○ What forces conventions: responsibility not to violate them (anything wrong is unconstitutional no matter how legal it is) ○ Voters should punish politicians for violating conventions • Proroguing strategic benefit to party • Legislature ○ Will of gov't ○ Cdn parliament compromised of Queen, senate and HofC ○ Bicameral legislature  2 chambers ○ Queen (exec) is part of parliament ○ Upper house: senate  Dignified part of gov't  Regional representation  Appointed by PM; have to meet conditions □ Must be Canadian □ 30 years old □ Resident of province of their appointment □ At least $4000 assets □ Net worth of over $4000  Used to be 4 regions □ Maritimes (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, P.E.I.) □ QUE * HofC = House of Commons □ ON □ West (Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, B.C.)  When Nfld joined confederation, gave 6 *Atlantic Canada = more seats □ 30 seats in Atlantic Canada Maritimes + □ 24 seats for west of ON Newfoundland □ 1 senator for each territory □ Doesn't correspond nicely  Very outdated in seats □ Population, demographic change  105 senators; max 113  Has to be even (4 or 8; 1 or 2 per region respectively)  Once appointed, served until life; NOW, up to 75  Why senate? □ Protect interest of rich  Give them voice  Concern about democracy: ◊ Prevent situation when poor gang up on few rich? □ Designed to represent regions; USA is state based  Canada, NOT provincial --> remember only 4 regions □ Sober Second Thought  Idea: senate taken up by elder statesmen ◊ More experienced in things ◊ Look over legislation; correct mistakes; consulting □ Rare that they oppose HofC; legally, they can □ But there are some where they oppose:  Mulroney abortion; Canada no law for abortion  Passed through HofC; but women in HofC voted against it  Senate has tied vote ◊ Tied vote = defeat ○ HofC  elected   Seats allocated across country by population r representation □  Senate seats S compromised  ◊ Exceptions H □ Representation act 1974 aka grandfather clause ◊  Provinces can not lose seats ◊  Will maintain them no matter what S □ Senate floor rule: can not have less MPs in HofC than in senate ◊  How seats
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