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Political Science
Christopher Cochrane

POLB52-Lecture 2-Jan 17 2013  Questions: o How should we think about Canada? o What’s the approaches should we use and the ideas? o How should we think about Canadians?  We need to have some kind of assumption of the context and understanding of individuals. We believe we think we understand other people. We do need some kind of understanding of individuals.  We think of Canada as a North American Society.  Picture taken from space. Vast majority of lights are in the United States. “The elephant in the room is the United States of America.”  Canada lives beside the most powerful economy that the world has ever known (the United States). There are some debates whether the economy of the US will recover, or if it’s still going to decline.  US GDP is 14.1 trillion dollar per year. It’s about 3 times as large of China’s economy.  Canada is tenth largest economy in the world so we are still very powerful economy.  Canada is 10 percent of the size of the US economy.  It’s not surprising that Canada depends very heavily on the US. 30 percent of Canadian goods are exported goods to other countries.  73 Canadian exports go to US. Therefore when US sneeze, Canada gets a cold.  68 percents of imports come from the US.  We Canadians have to compete with this massive economy.  If you’re selling stuff to millions of people and that’s your market, then the cost production tends to decline as you produce more and more.  Economy in scale is what US have. Every single day 1.5 billion dollars of goods passes US borders every day.  It’s unreasonable to compare US and Canada just because they’re beside themselves. We’re not a small country. We’re just smaller than US. Military – o Canadians live beside the biggest military that the world has ever known. o US spend about 700 billion on military. This is almost as much of the world combined. o 90 of the advance technology of ships built in the US. o Canada has no aircraft carrier. We look weak and insignificant. o US have 1.5 million active soldiers. Canada has 65 thousands active soldiers. o Canada’s a member of NATO and NORAD (NORAD -Air defense, tracks Santa Claus. It’s triggered when a military jet approaches and designed to detect nuclear weapons). o Canada and the US cooperate in NORAD. o Military is independent. o Canada contributed to the NATO more in Afghan. First, Canada contributed to the first Iraq war but not the second Iraq war. We contributed in Afghan more because US put their military to Iraq’s second war. o This is the military dynamics between Canada and US. Culture  Canada lives in the most dominant culture in the world.  2009/2010 most of the television shows are produced by US.  2012, it was 10 out of 10 television shows produced by the US.  19/20 music Canada listens to are produced in US.  The best Canadian song ever produced is called “American Women” which is about the US.  In the old days of broadcasting, 90 percent live near the US. They can receive broadcast signal from the US. We didn’t have any media in Canada. So we made CBC but we didn’t have the market that would compete with the US market.  Canada did protect culture by subsidizing magazines, media and etc. which was a lot of government support. They had to provide or produce so much Canadian content. (Canadian content regulation)  Canada started to put satellites into space that would give signal to people’s satellites on top of their houses.  Satellites were Technology of freedom to everyone. Canada called them death stars. Because Canadians had the choice to watch Canadian or American program. It becomes harder and harder for the government to protect us from American culture.  Canada should continue to remind Americans that Canada burnt the white house.  Canadians have been preoccupied by the American because media is influenced by Americans.  Government keeps protecting either their profits or Canadian culture through non-tariff barriers.  All of these things are important when we think about Canada as a North American society. Canadians are different from the US but at the same time they are similar than any other country. Canadians are aware of this similarity.  We know about the US more than the US knows more about us.  America has a violent society because everyone has a gun to an extent. We don’t have the murder rates as America. We had 50 or 60 murders in Toronto last year.  Canada fought the Americans before of the war of 1812 when we were still a part of Britain. There are still conflicts though.  In America, Mexico (Central America, South America) is culturally different. Canadian Immigration/Settlement  Canada is an immigrant society or country or settler society or a colonial society depending on your perspective.  Canada a relative young country. Canada is younger than the US. Aboriginal people have been here of a minimum of 15 thousand years.  There are now aboriginal movements which protest on treaty rights. This is what al most of the countries don’t have to deal with.  Immigrant society – different immigrant groups
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