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A+ Notes: Sovereignty

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Political Science

SovereigntyAboriginals and CanadianCanadaConfederation1867 S Ont Upper Can S Que NB NS prior to Confed was 1 prov separated at ConfedOntQue current boundaries 1912Confed Queland mass as present day QueBCthinking of join Can or USA but after US Civil war focus on uniting country not expandingPEI popall 3 territories combinedMan 1870present border 1912AlbSas 1905concern of single large prov in West would counter central Can influence therefore 2 provnot created as equal provfed govt controlled NRNfld 1949strong sense of pride antiCdn sentiment but not voiced as QueConfederation DebatesProblemsQue NB NS needed to preserve their identityQue worried about English dominancesome Ont didnt want Atl Candilute Ont powerOntQue both knew Ont was more powerfulinclusion of Atl prov allowed Que to think it would counterweight OntCanada needed room to expand how to integrate EW1867Can wanted sea to sea country plan 1 settle Ruperts Land2 acquire colony of BC3 build EW railwaytrade natural trade pattern was NS hard to travel across ex RockiesOptionsBritish modeloUnitary systemoParliamentary supremacyAmerican modeloFederal systemoConstitutional supremacyunitaryabsol authority held by central govt regional govts subordinate to central ex Ont over Tor division of admin resp but no division of final authoritypower of constituent govt dependent on central ex UK Francefederal sysno supreme level sovereignty divided bw levels of govt none is subordinatedependent on one another ex USA Canada Australia central federalsubcentral provstatesdoesnt necessarily mean centralsubcentral are equalcentralized form of federalismmost imprt powers granted to centraldecentralizedmost imprt powers given to subcentralasymmetricaldiff amount of power given to subcentral ex if Que had more power than other prov Can in 1905 bc AlbSas had less power
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