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A+ Notes: Multiculturalism

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Political Science

Confed debatesmost Cdns dont care muchsince 1867 Cdn pop expanded considerablypop growth occurred unevenlyrapid growth in West stagnation in East esp in QueAtl Canshift of pop from EWCon cant be changed by any one level of govthard to change bc everyone would want changeswhile pop has changed radically Con hasnt changed with itpolitical institutions didnt changeregional representation in Senate not prov rep 24 senators per regionQue Ont West Atlone senator per 685 000 ppl in BCone senator per 34 000 ppl in PEISenate seats dont satisfy anyonenot rep by popQue doesnt have more seats 24 for Que 81 for Eng CanAbor dont have formal repnot territorial repSenate not changed bc everyone wants to change Senate no agreement about how to change itpop growth largely caused by immigration20 of Cdns are foreign born unevenin diff partsby 2030 50 of Cdns foreign born or foreignborn parentsimmigrant source countries are changing1950s most from Britain 2010 most from Asia10 of Cdns are visible minority up from 5 in 1980stfor immigrant Cdns more likely to identify themselves as Cdns 1 then provQue referendum feds granted citizenship to immigrantslost to money and ethnic votenew view of countryunhyphenated Cdn added Cdn to ethnic category for censusRoyal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalismcommissioned in 1963 reports in 1969Canada is bilingual countryfed govt is bilingualOfficial Languages Act 1969 for fed govtNB became only officially bilingual provProblemsgroups object to notion of biculturalreport mentioned that other cultures were herecontributed to fabric of Canfounding of Parti QuebecoisOctober Crisis of 1970 rare case of political instabilityFLQ felt they were treated like blacks in Amer attacked EngQueangered Trudeau that EngQue were less Quebecker than FreQue War Measures Act suspend civil liberties Trudeau job of govt to preserve peace and orderCBC Archives Just Watch Me 1970 order vs freedomTrudeau objected that Que was nation
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