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Political Science
Christopher Cochrane

Why Study Canadian Society?  Learn about the social context of politics  Learn about ourselves by studying others  Expand our narrow view of the country  You cannot understand politics unless you know the societal context  Something governments cant do go because of the society they are in  Governments create and shape the societies they govern  Might seem absurd  In the process of learning about the other people we learn quite amount about ourselves  Each of us to varying extent having a narrowing view of Canada  Canada is a massive diverse country meaning regionally  Different parts of the country have perspectives o f how the country runs  You cannot understand a society without understanding its individuals Why do you believe the things you believe ?  Experience and learning ?  Socialization influences  Network Influences  Group Attachments  Elite influences  Personality ( and perhaps Genetic influences)? Why do you believe the things you believe ?  Experiences and learning (Habit)  Socialization Influences eg: parents  Network Influences  Group attachments  Rationally  Personality influences In order to understand politics we need to understand society politics does not occur above society it occurs within it . All societies are divided in myriad ways  Money  Race  Religion  Gender  Ideology  Language In order to understand society, we need to understand politics. Politics and political institutions shape society  Federalism  Language and religious policies  Social programs educations seniors, veterans etc  Charter of rights and freedoms  Party identifications  Aboriginals  Immigration policy  You cant really understand politics unless you know the societal context which politics brings out  The ways society shapes politics that’s cliché what’s less cliché is to say that we will learn about ways which society constrains politics  The old line that is initially the coming views of prisoner being abused by beating and beating him trying to extract information “ he says there is some shit I wont eat. Making prisoners support the government  Society constrains government because of the society they are governed  However governments create and shape the societies they governed  We can understand that its not possible to figure out what the constrains are on a government without some knowledge of the society in which that government operates  The way in which governments create and shape the societies they govern which might seem absurd we think to ourselves there is natural categories of people exist in the world and the government yearly represents them or reflects them in some way  Its arguable that a group of people we actually think we belong to and I will say the government has created that we realize the social group is the construction of the government  S o we think that the society is contrasting government but we will learn about the government shaping and creating society  In the process of learning about other people we learn quite amount ourselves  Each of us to varying extent have a narrowing view of Canada  Canada is a very massive diverse country diverse not simply in racial terms, religious, linguistics terms or national origin terms always diverse in region terms Personally we don’t understand people in Vancouver people have million dollar homes exercise frequently complete different lifestyle  Newsbrunswick is they way Cochrane thought the whole Canada was but was complete different in Montreal he witnessed the pride parade  We will focus on different parts of Canada  As a Canadian a Torontonian we might have just got here or not born in Canada none of that matters in this class as we learn about Canada  The fact that you hold an opinion it has nothing to do with its rightfulness or wrongfulness  For example global warming is either happing or its not happening or its man made or isn’t some body is wrong  The fact I believe in something if its right is not the reason why I believe it  We all believe in things is not why its not right or wrong  Figuring it out how we came to believe this and why we believe it is one things we should think about in this class  You cant understand society if you don’t understand the individuals  Here are some possible explanations 1. The experiences in learning as we move through the world we learn things we experience things we all have our own experiences  Socialization arguably your socialized by the people surrounding you the professors you talk to  For example kids believe in everything later on the they will go through ages where they wont believe in and later on come across it and believe it  All of us are connected to a social network, for example Facebook can see who were connected to, and also linkedin works the same way – networks influences people  Open networks we have friends that have different friends and the reaches out across society and information penetrates our networks  Closed networks – closed friends tend to have the same friends they’re closed networks they tend to have the same ideas that circulate they cannot be open networks. We can look at network influences and think that might be the way we shaped into doing certain things  Some of us all have group attachments – all of us have some sort of group attachments whether its religious, relation economic, demographic, geographic political groups and probably multiple of those things we all have group attachments  We might look at a group and think we belong to it or you know in our heads believe we belong to and that might shape how we view things about the world what does my group believe ? what are my groups interest ?  This is a big one elite influence one of the main arguments ab
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