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Week 2 Different ways about thinking about Canadian society Think about Canadian society in multiple ways How to think about Canada? We need to have assumptions about context How to think about Canadians? We need to have an assumptions about individuals These answers shapes understanding understanding of Canadian politics. Canada is thought of as a North American society. When we think of Canadians as North American society, elephant of the room is the US Canadians lives beside country is more developed and powerful in terms of economy which is US US has 1/3 of Chinese populations Canada in comparison of US is a miniscule Canadian society is the largest economy in terms of worldwide terms. Canada depends on US for its own economy 73% of Canadian export goes to the US 68% of Canadian import come from the US compete with this massive economy 1.5 billion dollars of goods crosses Canada-US border Ukraine GDP crosses Canada-US border every day Think about monumental impact that US economy has on our economy when we think of Canada as North American society Canada is smaller than US Canada lives besides the military that the world has known Blackberry is able to compete because they are getting incentives from the government as an example Non-tariff barrier British Columbia had barrier from exporting manufactured lumber goods America complained of softwood lumber disputes (disputes between Canada and America Canada is miniscule in North American context America exceed Canada in terms of military spending NORAD – defense arrangement with Canada and US Canada, US cooperate on NORAD Canada contribute to NATO cooperation Canada lives beside dominant culture in the world, that is how we think of Canada as North American society Bieber as Canadian produced song was introduced in USA USA dominated Canadian broadcasting USA and Canada could receive each other’s signals Ex. CBC, other news broadcast They subsidized broadcast Canada thought of American satellites as greatest thing and thought of Technology and Freedom Canadians choose American programs over Canadian programs. Trudeau (1968 -1974) Canadians for past century preoccupied with the US Protect Canadian culture from US influence Canadian broadcast companies receive signals from US It is more profitable Canadians and Americans are different They are more similar to each other Conformation bias – stereotype related Washington is a safest city in America We as Canadian are similar to US Aboriginals spent more time in Canad
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