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Lecture 4

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Political Science
Christopher Cochrane

Week 4 Intelligent confusion Collective action – why people join in groups and pursue things Psychological explanations – we are psychological animals, we have characteristics that we share in common with animals, we have psychological characters on which we differ Different ways of thinking and studying Canadian society Ideology for the most part- think of ideology as belief system that is an individualistic ways on thinking about it System – think about it as interrelated elements Belief and thought about the way the world is and the way we want the world to be Converse – notion of constraint (success we would have predicting given the knowledge that an individual would hold) Ex. Should gay couples adopt children, predicting opinion about gay marriage and adoption that is success is connected to the belief of religious adoption Opinions about multiculturalism and immigration is connected Each harbors a belief system - idea about the different kinds of ideas that we owe, belief that global warming is caused by manmade is constraint to the fact - where people apply the worldviews that we have? Ideas that we are committed to are fundamentally rare worldwide Worldview as a group that we could characterize by listing the properties Think of ideology as individual from one standpoint but from the other standpoint, think of it as of the group Societies have cultures that change over times Countries have cultures To what extend are there different cultures exist in Canada? Imperical question Why those differences exist in Canada? Analytical question Canadian culture was more humbled, reserved and quiet before than right now Notion that culture has changed over time Group doesnot exist with the individuals that constitute it Group impacts on individuals that constitute it Influence dissipating across social networks Individuals affect groups the same way groups affects us as individuals People disagree profoundly and passionately about politics People hate the people that disagree with it Relationship between information (picture) and predisposition (reach at the conclusion and motivate conclusion) O.J.Simpsons case – example of informationa and predispotions O.J. Simpsons had the history of beating his wife over a period of time Cant use the beating of wife as the evidence to show that wife is murdered Given the the wife has been murdered, what wad the probability that the wife has been killed? We are exposed to the information, but we need to reach the conclusions of what the information is but the conclusion is not relevant North Korean news Main source of the information is the media Getting information about politics 99% from the media Elites and influential(people get chance to talk to us) (independent thinkers, we take information from elites(judges, jounralistics, politics, and professors and someone who influences us) Social networks - even when we get information from friend, then the friend get the information from elite throug
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