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Lecture 6

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Political Science
Christopher Cochrane

Week 6 2 hour exam exam: short answer and essay Learning is a learning activity Canadian regionalism Nationalism – something that is contested in Canada, within Canada, there are good conceptions of nations and what nations are Regionalism – different groups settle in regions Canada – industrial, binational, multinational, large country Distinguish Canada from other democratic countries Scarcity of the populations in Canada Map of Canada, massive northern territory In northern territory, fewer people than in Prince Edward Millions of Canadians lives besides US border It is sparcily populated Canada had too much geography and other countries had too much history We have to try to unify people What is it that separates Canada from US and Canadian province from other Canadian provinces? Quebec wanted to form the constitution to expand French speaker across Canada Ontario and whole Canada should constrain it and not protect French Fissure in Canadian politics between English and French They disagree on linguistic lines Reinforce cleavage (that where division emerge) Wilfrid Laurier – Canada should develop as their own country In 1980s, we had National Energy Program that is the policy enacted by Pierre Trudeau and this policy is designed to drop the prices of oil Differences are reflected in the regional differences in the voting behavior Regionalized voting pattern Horace’ theory of Canadian ideology Why do regional differences exist? -language, accents(reinforce sense of collective identities), different modes of speaking different language in different regions on to itself West was a periphery Regional differences (cultural differences and different amenities) Regions has to have firm institutional boundaries Sub provincial regions (northern NB that French and southern NB that is English) Regions –are type
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