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Lecture 3

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Political Science
Christopher Cochrane

Canadas Constitutional Tradition Quebecs Charter Values Tries to ban religious symbol from government office Review Canadian constitution borrowed from American British many influences Why are we still talking about decisions in 1867 Challenge of Government in Canada Sheer size of country how size mattered in 1867 and how communication was very hard On Border change map borders were very different than in 1867 Weber in 1947 Power is the probality that one actor in a social relationship is in a position to carry out their own will despite resistanceat the end of the day the central concept of the study politics is how one person exerts power over another person Different Manifestations of PowerCoercion Power achieved by thread of negative consequencesIt is power based on forceCan be violence threats bribery among many othersIt is when one person or group exerts their power to force others to do what they wantPolice and Military are some examples of this Authority Power achieved by getting people to believe that it is right to do what is commandedIt is based on legitimacy and the right to do what is saidExample of this is military deferring to political leadersIn some cases there are military coups but in case of Canada military is loyal to civilian leadershipAnother example of this are teacherstudent relationships You could have a government fully based on coercionIt is conceivable that in some countries threat of force or coercion forces people to obeyHowever this is expensive and societies based on authority are more successful than countries based on coercion In reality there is both coercion and authority in politics and both overlapA lot of studies on this is based on study of WWII and the Holocausthow is it that people not different from us are able to perpetrate these unbelievable atrocities on other peopleA lot of the response was I was just following orders suggests that the concept of authority has a lot of influence of psyche Stanley Milford Experiment Wrong answer leads to electrocutionActor would feign pain and the participant would not be talked about this but getting a dial that made them believe they were administrating shocks on the other sidemany participants were actually willing to do so
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