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University of Toronto Scarborough
Political Science
Christopher Cochrane

Quebec Charter of Values -Controversey: Too much was done about accommodating religious practices(ie: Sikh knife incident) -Most were sorted out easily, but this adjustment provoked a counter-reaction by those who fear their values would be lost -Many Quebecers see problems between Religious diversity vs. Secularization Quebec Charter of Values—4 elements of secularism: 1. Moral equality of people 2. Freedom of Conscience and Religion 3. Separation of Church and state 4. State neutrality—Crucifix in national assembly should be removed, and people in coercive roles should not wear religious symbols. However non-coercive roles should be able to wear religious symbols -Quebec Charter of Values based on cynical view of religion—that it’s “backwords”, “obstruction” to logic -Political opinions-public officials have to be descerate, while working they can not have religious symbols or beliefs -Wearing a symbol makes you look more biased Challenges 1. Immigrants -Recently, immigration has shifted from European ones to ones from Asia, including Muslims, meaning Islam might play a major role in the future -This presents a lot of challenges for Canadian government, some which the Quebec charter tries to address Attitudes to Same-Sex Relationships Poll: By quite a considerable extent, Muslims oppose Same Sex marriage in contrast to most groups 2. Native-Born -Swiss people party opposes immigration, how do Canadians stack up? -In Canada very few object to different religion or race, through this data points to more in Quebec—with 1 in 5 Queb
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