Lecture 4: Levels of Canadian Parliament (cabinet)

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Political Science
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Christopher Cochrane

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POL B50 Lec 4 Oct 5, 2011 Cabinet - advisors to the governor general -governor general does not impose his/ her power unless there is a majority vote in the cabinet -the constitution does not explain this - if a government loses the confidence of the cabinet they should resign -the word prime minister is not mentioned as the most important person in government in the constitution, it is merely convention that the governor general appoints the leader with at least 50% plus 1as leader of government -The U.S constitution is law, and no law can be forced that impedes the constitution -Judges are almost never accountable democratically or elected democratically and they interpret the constitution Legislative Union Federalism -devision of power/sovereignty between actors where neither central nor regional governments require the other to receive their power - a combination of U.S constitution and British tradition - outer provinces felt their interests would be ignored if they joined by a unitary sys
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