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Lecture 13

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Political Science
Christopher Cochrane

Canadian Political Science Lecture 13: Start of Semester Two Why Study Canadian Society? • It is important to know the society we live in and the properties we share. If you are going to lead a company you need to know the different views of what the country is and isn’t. • It is important to see how politics shapes society, for the good or the bad. Politics and political views expand by studying societies. Why do you believe the things you believe? • Moral intuition? – We have immediate reactions to things. We think abortion is wrong because it goes against their morals. • Experiences? – The things we learn shape our beliefs. • Socialization? – Teachers and relatives instill their beliefs on us. • Network? – Our friends may pressure us within a group to believe things. • Elite Influences? – Scientists and politicians help us form our opinions on global warming. We look to elites for answers. • Personality? – Genetics may even have a role that creates a connection and disconnection with ideas and people. Moral Wrongs • A Moral Wrong it is different from a wrong, since not following an immoral law can be a moral right. It harms someone, or goes against the beliefs of a large group (murdering someone, or incest), unlike a wrong (a student not wearing a uniform at a uniform school). • Human beings are guided by intuit
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