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Lecture 8

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Political Science
Christopher Cochrane

Canadian Political Science Lecture 8: Federalism and the Provinces Political Concepts Unitary Confederal Federal Sovereignty Sovereignty Sovereignty | | ^ V V | V Central Government Regional Regional Central Government (Authority) Governme Governme ^ | nt nt | V | | V V V Regional Regional Central Government Regional Regional Regional Governme Governme Governme Governme Governme nt nt nt nt nt • Federalism – More than one level of government that get power from separate sources. Not subordinate to each other. – FIND REAL CHART ON SLIDES— • Confederalism – Regional government has the power. UN like. • Unitary – All power resides in the central government. • INSERT DEFINITIONS Constitution Act of 1867 • We did not want to become American, British, or Irish. John A. MacDonald wanted a government like England. French Canadians wanted to maintain their own identities. Expansion to the west and control over a lot of land was kept in mind. • It was split up so that the Provinces got taxation, hospitals, municipalities, local works, civil rights, etc. The Federal Government got taxation, trade, postal, military, declaratory, and residual powers. • The federal government was gi
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