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Political Science
James Mc Allister

WEEK 13First past the postDwight DuncanON Minister of FinanceJon FlahertyFederal Minister of FinancePolitical PartiesWhat is a political party and how is it different from other organizationsoIt determines who runs the countryoInvolved in recruitment of candidates and the candidates get to vote and sit in the cabinet and form the partythoFunction of the 19 century politicsHow to start a political partyoHave a group of MPs get together and form a cohesive organizationoThe MP might decide to have a group of supporters and they decide to have an MPTwo kinds of political partiesoBrokerage politics Everyone drawn together to support a particular party Integrated and bring people together despite their differences Getting votes from every part of the countryoIdeological politics aim to promote the interests of a certain class ideology etcoCanada has had both of these political parties2 major parties back to 1970soConservative party goes beyond confederationoMacDonald head of the liberal conservative party and opposing them were the liberalsoFor the first half century after confederation Canada pretty much had 2 party systems the liberals and conservatives o2 political parties and both brokerage parties
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