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Lecture 3


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Political Science
James Mc Allister

Lecture 3Learned so farpolitics political power state democracy political socialization political culture various components of Canadian culture ideology various forms of ideology from left to right income inequality various class Marxist middle class etc RegionalismCanada is very regionalized countryRegion various ways of defining Atlantic provinces maritime provinces plus Newfoundland Quebec being a region BC being a region and north being a separate region 5 or 6 regions in CanadaCanadians have strong regional orientationsWhat are the various regions based on economy Atlantic NS PEI NFL NB economy based on resources oil and forestry Quebec big forestry industry mining hydro electric power airplanes textiles pharmacies Ontario agriculture mining manufacturing largest producer of automobiles electronic big financial sector banking biggest communication CBC Prairies agriculture Alberta oil and gasminerals forestry hydroelectricity BC forestry mining farming fishing hydroelectricity North hunting fishing trapping developing mining industryTextbook crossborder regions dont necessary stay in Canada Economic and cultural linkages between regions of Canada and USWest BCYUKON and states lower all have things in common Prairies Manitoba has linkages with people in Great Plains like Dakota etcOntario linkages are with Michigan New York etc Economic activities are very similar in terms of structure of their economy2 TheoriesDependency theory dependency of one region on another Stresses dominance of the heartland of the core core being southern Ontario and both Montreal as well Periphery is the rest of the country and sometimes refers to it as metropolitanhinterland Metropolitan is the core and hinterland is the periphery Center of economic activity is the core Focuses on relations between the core and periphery Toronto Ontario Quebec Montreal represents Metropolitan Its also where head offices of banks communication cultural organizations are located Biggest cultural venues are in the heartlandStaples Theory Developed by Herald Innis Political economy Importance of natural resources to Canadian economy Canada was founded on staples Staples are what you need to live So fisherman who first came to Canada got the fish and went home so
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