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Political Science
James Mc Allister

Week 420 multiple choice fill in the blanks brief answers 1 page double spacedThere are 2 levels of government federal and provincialThere are also local governments who exist at the will of the provinceKenneth C wrote book federalism government Studied 4 mature confederations and said how they are alike and different They are all confederations and how do they exist So he came up with a definition of federalism and talked about federal government being a system of governmentthey are also coordinate the powers each government has can be seen as a coordinate division of powers and functions into two equalsovereignoWater type compartments each area of jurisdiction of federal and provincial are water type compartmentso1867 he said federal government had too much poweroWhat are the prerequisites for the two levels of governmentWhy do you have a federal governmentPeople dont want unitary government Reason MILITARY INSECURITY fear youre going to be invadedOur fear was invasion from United StatesAnother reason independence would come into unitaryIf you were a colony you were more likely to form a federal governmentEconomic advantage expand markets compete more effectivelyPolitical association Canada all the colonies in Canada were part of British EmpireGeographic neighbour easier to form a federal government Pakistan is a federation that didnt work so it broke up In Canada you had British colonies aroundWe have a parliament and similar organizations
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