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Political Science
James Mc Allister

Bi electionSpecific election in one riding or many ridings because a member died or somethingMap and fact sheet of the federationsCentral and regional governmentsSome of the federations are unilingual and some are multilingual and some are bilingualSome countries there is one official language US Mexico Brazil Germany and AustriaONE LANUGAGE Some countries are multilingual more than one language Switzerland 4 language groups Russia India Role of Quebec within ConfederationA lot of issues that arise in Canadian politics is because of QuebecWhy is Quebec importantoLanguage francophone French Speaking Anglophone Allophones Mother tongue is neither English or FrenchoImportant within Quebec because there is a large population who are Anglophones and they are making up larger share of populationoFrancophones In Quebec almost 80 of population is French speakingMother tongue for Canada aswhole 22 have mother tongue French68 AnglophoneIn Quebec there are more allophones than AnglophoneHigh degree of concentration of francophones living in QuebecSince 1916 we were trying to make everyone bilingual Unfortunately only 70 of population can be classified as bilingualOfficial bilingualism has not gone very far pretty much a failure so Quebec issues are about language and culture and maintaining French existence in Canada and making sure the French people are not discriminated against by government One of the big issues for Quebec has been the birth rateoBirth rate traditionally higher in Quebec but now that has decreased
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