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Lecture 10

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Political Science
James Mc Allister

WEEK 10Turn it incomCourse code 4954920Password CANADAGovernor GeneralMemorial trophy Lady Byng donated Canadian Byng trophies and its for the hockey player and best type of sportsmanship and not being obnoxious Wayne Dusky won it 4 times in a rowWestminster ModelIn Canada we follow this modelIn practise voters elect members of House of Commons Another legislative body called the Canadian Senate who are appointed by the Prime Minister Leading person in the cabinet is the PM and PM picks the cabin Cabinet is at the center of political process PM is the most important political office and the cabinet is responsible to him and the House of Commons All of this is called the parliamentUsed in UK and most UK commonwealthUSA voters elect people to US senate and house of representations Voters elect people to Electoral College Electoral college picks president and vicepresident and president elects the cabinet and it cannot be someone from the senate or house of representativesParty discipline maintain its support of its MPs In USA Obama needs the support of congressmen and House of Representatives and the Senate In Canada we take part in discipline and most MPs will vote in the way leadership is directed PM could control the rest of MPs that in government side of the house 2 major organizations within federal government PCO and PMO Privy Council Organizations that are responsible to the PM Executive agents secretaries who work for the PM PMO is there to provide political advice for cabinet and PM And PCO is there to provide the alternative decision to PM Senior officials in PCO and PMO will have more power than cabinet ministers at timesIs it unfair for unelected people to have more power than those elected Hence more political power for PM
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