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Lecture 9

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Political Science
James Mc Allister

Lecture 9Machinery GovernmentHead of state in Canada is the QueenAll authority rest in herQueen appoints a governor general in Ottawa Queens representative in OttawaWhen Obama came to Ottawa he meet with the governor general first David Johnson is the current Governor GeneralIn practical terms they are appointed by federal government but they are supposed to be appointed by the QueenTheory is that governor general is the final decision of any government actionsGovernor general decides who is the prime minister legal argument for having this systemIn practise the leader of the largest party gets to be the PMProrogued parliament House of commons is not sitting so they cant form a coalition government Parliament was not setting and doing their jobConstitutional issues do not arise frequentlyHarper 2006 and 2008 he prorogued itKing Bings dispute was involving 3 individuals Mackenzie King Governor general Lyold Ming and Arthur Being The KingByng Affair was a Canadian constitutional crisis that occurred in 1926 when the Governor General of Canada the Lord Byng of Vimy refused a request by his prime minister William Lyon Mackenzie King to dissolve parliament and call a general election The crisis came to redefine the role of governor general not only in Canada but throughout the Dominions becoming a major impetus in negotiations at Imperial Conferences held in the late 1920s that led to the adoption of the Statute of Westminster in 1931 According to British Empire constitutional convention the governor general once represented both the sovereign in his British council and in his Canadian council but the convention had evolved with Byngs predecessors the Canadian government and the Canadian people into a tradition of noninterference in Canadian political affairs on the part of the British government After 1931 the governor general remained an
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