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Lecture 3

Lecture 3 and 4

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Political Science
Christopher Cochrane

Lecture 3 and 4 September 28 2011 The Pattern of the Constitution Lecture 3 British vs American Constitutional TraditionAmerican anything is unconstitutional is illegalBritish anything is wrong no matter how legal it isabove differences bw British and AmericanCanadian Constitutionsome people take us as the US as we have inherited certain things from the British constConstitutional conventions it is a rule that is binding but not legally forcible in court it is sort of a unwritten rule of behaviours actors perceive as bindingreason why we dont have a monarch is bc of conventionsgovernor general only exercises his power if he is advised to do so by the Cabinetpeople enforce the conventions at the end of the day the votersPrime minister is a constitution not in the constitution of 1867in America the constitution is the law for example Catholicism will be the religion but if it is inconsistent with the constitution people do not have to follow itin American it is overall the judges of the system that create the constitutionLegislative Union is that there is one overall government parliament is supremefollowed British ways as parliament was supreme lawsince Quebec and Atlantic provinces did not want to join the confederation so they split up the government into Federal Municipal and ProvincialFederalism a
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