Lecture 5

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Political Science
Christopher Cochrane

Lecture 5 Polb50October 12 2011 The Executive Lecture 4 Contd Key Termsprovinces create municipalities as provinces create these thingsthe relationship bw municipal and provincial is a unitary relationshipMacdonald got a very high centralized government now the federal govt had power over all other governments most of this power of disallowance was invoke on the western provinces like Albertasociety changed not the shifts of centralizationjudicial committee of the privy council is the highest court of England also for Canada for a certain period of timethey did not see Canada as a centralized as those who created the confederationJCPC judicial committee of privy council trade and commerce was a provincial thing even though the federal govt has the power to sign treaties but they dont have the power to implement the treaties like restricting carbon emissionspg 463second source of increasing power of provincial is after the great depression of the welfare state for example education was done by hospitals eventually provincial stepped inthe fact that education and health become more impt to provincial it became more decentralizedwhatever the govt gives to Quebec it must be offered to the other provinces so this again makes it more decentralized asymmetrical federalism which is Quebecother provinces are symmetrical federalism so this all moves toward decentralized part of federalism
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