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Lecture 6

Lecture 6

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Political Science
Christopher Cochrane

Lecture 6 Oct 19 2011 The Legislaturemeans that I did not get this part Lecture 5 Contd The ExecutiveSources of PMs Poweroffice of pm is most impt governor general chooses the prime minister through conventions and electionsin cases where no party wins majority seats the governor general can give the powers to the incumbentmany political parties depend on government subsidies for the political actions within an election so something like 175 for each votegovernor general acts on the prime ministers requestprimus intersperse which meant first among equalspm has the power to appoint other prime ministers so technically appointed by governor general but advised by the pmpm can fire you from cabinet at anytimeyou must be nice to the pm to be a cabinet meaning you must be a supporter of the PM one exception if you are a pain in the ass the PM might appoint you to cabinet to shut them upas if you are in cabinet you cannot go against or speak publicly against the governmentPm has enormous power and gets a lot of media attention as he is the head of the partyif a cabinet minister is doing bad things the govt can handle it but if the PM screws up it stings the reputation of the partycabinet ministers resign if you embarrass the PM not if you screw upthe ability to determine when to resign for cabinet ministers
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