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Lecture 8

Lecture 8

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Political Science
Christopher Cochrane

The Charter of Rights Lecture 8 Lecture 8 Contdbureaucracy how government services are delivered and patternedit is a critical impt aspect of Canadacentral way of citizens being connected direct to the power of government through these hierachical organizationmost senior is deputy minister implement and advise the cabinet minister they know the govt inside and outthey dont steer the boat the row it the bureaucratics row it and ministers steer itconnection between power and accountability is key so those who have power should be held accountableMinisterial responsibility bureaucrats should not be blamed for mistakesso hence bureaucratic anonymity which means that the bureaucrats are seen as anobymousbureaucratics have asymmetrical info so info can be a sense of power 1991 the al mashat affair which was the iraq person wanted residency in Canada but was cancelledthe cabinet minister is the one everyone criticizesthis affair was somewhat of a deviation of the bureaucratic organizationin the 2000s a drug that would be a generic anti aterax to be cured the govt had a contract with a company and a health department went to anothe company and signed a contract which then in turn made the generic company sue the govt so who is responsible for thisif you can escape accountability what can you be blamed forthere is no convention for administerical responsibilitynot a law it is a convention administers do not resign even if they screw up so no sense of accountabilityso ministerial responsibilty is dead if they are not accountable to the house they are accountable to the Prime ministerprime minister appoints the deputy ministerhe can influence the PM views as he appoints the deputy ministercabinet minister does not even control those under him like the deputy ministerinformation overload was managed bt horizontal management bureaucracies and central agencies so to control this we make more bureaucraciescentral agencies the prime minster office these are partisan in the sense of supporting the pm to be the prime minister so conservative bureaucrats are appointed in the office it is a centralized agencyprivy council office the cabinet secretariatpublic service commissionthe treasury board secretaryin central agencies there is nothing to do with ministerial responsibility as accountability lies with the PMLecture 9 Charter of Rights and Freedom Limiter Governmentcanada is just not a democracy but also a liberal democracy basically it is limited govtliberty trumps democracy in a liberal democracyfreedom exists as no other person should tell you how to actparliamentary supremacy means that sovereignty lies with the parliament and no toher institution but we also adopted a federal systemin order to do this we need a power that was indicidual power so the federal power was inherently
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