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Lecture 4

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Political Science

Lecture 4 POLB50Only way to amendment the constitution was act of British parliament after 18671982Only British parliament can only be change the constitution1915 change composition of senate senate divide into regions Maritimes Quebec regions Created another region created senatorial floor no province can have fewer members in parliament than the senate First time a bill was presented to HoC passed by senate approve by cabinet shipped to London passed by parliament Amendments1930 amendment natural resource 1931 statue of Westminster act of British parliament take away application of British legislation to Canada No British law can be overlawed in Canada1940 amendment to employment insurance fed govt implement EI provinces asked to give OK not large scale public agreement Provincial premieres agreed to agreement1949 allowed Newfoundland to join Canada1951 let fed govt allow pensions1960 required judge to retire at 751965 senators to retire at 75Law can only be changed by British Parliamen
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