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Lecture 3

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Political Science

Read under Canadian Political Culture Theoretical ApproachesFederalismFederation requires a constitution make up the rules of law written document of diff powers of different power holders fixed permanent document continues over decade A system of government to give power to local govt Federal system of govt formal legal approach looks at the constitution and how it deals with federalism and compares how it operates within the country 1700 no federalism confederacies wanted to bring countriescolonies into one country but have central govt to be responsible for area but didnt wanna give up too much power Power of central govt controlled by state Central govt could only do little Confederacies didnt work for the Americans 1800sSet up institutions to deal with problems of defence currency Way of structuring institutions determines how successful the country will be Federalist PapersStates Rights Approach as much power and legitimacy in the state as much as possible and as little in central govt Have state that was strong and independent Concurrent majorities Civil war power of federal govt delegated by citizens not by state State cannot pick up and leave country Canada Federal wanted more central stategovt Wheare define Federalism regional and provincial power of govt equally independent 2 equal sovereignty Canada not federation To become Federal need these reasons Reasons of Division Reasons of Unification threats of invasion military economic advantagepolitical association geographical neighbourhood simil
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