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University of Toronto Scarborough
Political Science
James Mc Allister

POLA51 05042012 62500 AM Dwight Duncan on minister of finance Jim Flahertyfed minister of finance Political party determines who runs the country didnt exist in the 1930s thFunction of the 1980 century How do you start Having a bunch of Group of MPs and Parliament form a cohesive unit Political parties should be consiliators mediators Party should be able to bring together of people with diff religionsfrom diff regions based on platforms in diff cleavages should be reconciliated to bring people togetherIdeological parties aim to a particular ideologies or viewsCanada had 2 political systems liberals and conservatives from British political systemWW1 conservatives had broken the whole idea of politics union govt imposed scription1921 election of 65 progressive usually a farmer from a small area 1930s depression area social credit party more to the westjoined with Canadian labour of commerce before forming NDP by 1950s60s we had 4 political partiesPQ ran in only elections in Quebec to form separatism Union Nationale 1930s also ran in QuebecPQ provincially and federally dominated Former MPs to form sovereignty Provincial NDP quebec only has a federal NDp DQ at provincial and federal level
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