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Charter of Rights and Freedoms Part Two

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Political Science
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Lecture Seven: Development of the Charter Cont. Individual Liberty State can not tell individuals what to do o Allows for autonomy, if the state disappears society doesnt collapses Bill of Rights Era - 1960s Regular legislation Not supreme Easily changeable Awkward for judges Bliss vs. Canada (AG) [1979] 1 S.C.R. 183 o Discrimination against pregnant people, not women Charter of Rights Era - 1980s Constitution Entrenchment Patriation Reference Feds, NB and ON vs. Quebec and the Rest Trudeau vs. Levesque Kitchen Accord aka The Night of Long Knives Charter of Rights and Freedoms Came in the wake of the Referendum o Trudeau promised Quebec that if they stayed there would be reforms in the federal government o Now questions of changing constitutions Problems with changing th
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