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Lecture 10

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Political Science
Mcc Alllister

Lecture 10 Reading Chapter 23 Notes PARLIMENT of Canada :  includes the Queen and the Senate and a law must be approved by all three parts Westminister model of government :  based on the british system and always incorporates the Queen  provides political stability through the prime minister and Cabinet along with political accountability and through open debate Supremacy of the Parliment  Apart from interfering in provincial jurisidtion and with other minior exceptions , parliment coud pass laws beyond review by any other organ of government including the courts  Parlimen tmay be nvolved in the intiaiton phase by raising issues in the daily question period in a general debate , in criticizing exissitng spending progams or by means o private member bills. Composiiton of the House  308 seats in the Commons  Everyone has a limited role  All house documents be printed in french and english  MPS do not represent the diversity ;  Safe seats : the proportion of new members after each election is 40 percent and the average lenght of time in the office is about ten years.  Constitutuiion requires that parliemnt meet once a year  But not 25 wees to 135 days; Session  Speech from the throne prepared by the prime minister and read by the governer general  Outlines governments legislatie plans  Six day debate where MPS can talk about anything under the sun  Budget debate : annual financial statement delivered by the minster of finance.  The details of the governments spending propsoals for the next fiscal year are contained in the Estimates  Fourth element is when the opposition takes 22 dats to choose to debate any subject  Only five hours a week are reserved for private member bills and motions ;these bills or motions are introudced by indiivduals not apart of the cabinet but very few of them become law Party Discipline  System of responsible government  Inside and outside parliment t
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