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Federal Provincial Tax Agreements - Every province except Quebec has one tax return - Corporate income tax: emerged with feds - Sales tax: GST and PST: when feds set up GST he was able to get 4 provinces to harmonize GST with their own PST and they came up with their own HST: Quebec, Ontario, BC: voters rejected the HST, East provinces - Manitoba, Saskatchewan, PEI, BC don’t have HST - Harmonized: Ontario and everyone east except PEI. - Alberta: don’t have HST…they have corporate, etc. Only have federal sales tax but no provincial Ontario Municipal Board - Developers and lawyers hang out and people see it a threat to democracy Municipal Interest Groups - EMO, etc Canada as a Social Union - Collection of government programs that make up the social safety net: programs in place by governments to make sure that in times of hard times you won’t be put on the street. Ex. Old age assistance, post-secondary education, etc - National standard: same level of government services in every province - Rights to these programs and obligation to other people to make sure they are accessible and are efficient. Web of rights between citizens and government: shared sense of common ship - Employment Insurance: guarantees full income if you lose your job. Introduced during WW2 - WW2: family allowance - OAS: accomplished thru amendment 1981 - Child benefit: replaced family allowances and Harper introduced universal allowances for families with children - All these are run by Federal Provincial - WSIB: in Ontario. Each employer pays a fee to WSIB and the benefits are paid out by the board to anyone injured on the job. Employer does not get sued. Before this you had lawyers making money because people sued the employer now you cannot Joint of feds and provincial - CPP and QPP: same benefits but run out of Quebec city - CPP: pension when you retire, when you get disabled and protects you from bankruptcy - To make changes to CPP you need 2/3s of the country agreeing - Immigration: specified in constitution to be responsibility of both levels of government Shared-Cost provincial programs - Run by provinces but funded in part by federal government - Healthcare: Medicare: In US: most expensive….Supreme Court asked to rule Obama care as unconsti
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