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Political Science
Christopher Cochrane

Lecture 2 September-20-12 3:00 PM Cue Column: Note-Taking Area: • Political scientist POV ○ General patterns aboutvoting behaviour • Journalist POV ○ Good info • Should Cdn gov't restrict greenhouse gases? ○ Or not because of $  Analytical:temp increasing --> greenhouse gases ○ If restrict, does it harm economy? • Care-harm foundation ○ People value care and harm ○ Sacredness vs. degradation • Political issue: howto act/not act in issue ○ If issue comes, make decision as group ○ Decision is politicissue • How to influence decisions? ○ Power (key conceptin poli sci)  Poli sci pursuit of power  one actor in relationship can carry out his/her own will despite resistance  Social concept  Ways to get: □ Coercion ; using physical force □ Legitimacy: right to obey; must do □ authority= legit power  Depends on context • 3 things gov't can power (state) ○ Legislative: create laws, enact policies --> WILL ○ Executive: power to enforce law --> SWORD ○ Judi
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