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Lecture 2

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Political Science
Christopher Cochrane

Lecture 2 – September 20 2012 – POLB50 - Why people vote in different ways? - Normative beliefs, analytical beliefs - Western countries never experience threat from foreign countries - Should Canadian restrict green house gases to promote markets?  Greenhouse gases increase global warming – analytical belief  If greenhouse gases is restrict, the political economy if it is limited  Should we think about people jobs or the environment? - Tax payers pay for Canadian student tuition - Why can’t we choose our own health care providers? - Sometimes issues come up and we have to make a final decision to it. There has to be a collective decision.  You can influence collective decision - Virtually every issue is partly political - What should be or should not be a political issue? - Opinions draw the line on what should or should not be political. Example, a man hitting his wife or parents hitting their children. This overtime became a political issue. - Power is a key concept in political science - Politics is a pursue of power - 1900- The probability of one actor with a good social relationship who’s in a good position will have power.  One actor will get what they want  Children try to pursue power. Example, children try to refuse what to eat from parents. - How to get power?  Coercion – An agent who is able to impose anything by punishment or threat (ex. military intervention, Wars)  Legitimacy – people who can impose rules on people because the people think it is right. Authority is legitimate power. (It is right to follow the law) Legitimacy is imposed in the co
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