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University of Toronto Scarborough
Political Science
Christopher Cochrane

POLB50 Lecture 8: November 1 2012.  Canadian Politics: Part 7: Bureaucracy  Bureaucracy is impartial: the bureaucracy must give the will of the government no matter what party gets elected.  How do we get impartial? This system is made by the independent public commission which has the basis of merit rather than patronage. They establish criteria’s to meet the job.  Why do we have this system? Everything is rule basis and rigid. How do we get a democratic control in the state? We enact a rigid rule basis. Politicians steer while bureaucrats row the boat. The big desions are made by us and implemented by our bureaucrats  There could be conflict of interest between rowing (non-political but want to pursue politics) and steering (politician).  Problems with the model: Firstly, Inconsistence what citizens demand in any kind of service bases. Ex. When you have problem with the telephone company, you talk to a low level employee to solve your telephone problems. That low level employee has to talk to his boss to their other boss and so forth. This is not efficient. Citizens want flexibility and efficiency.  Line Departments refers to organization where the top of the system is the cabinet ministers. They are individually responsible and are appointed by the prime minister. Ex. Immigration, health Canada etc. Second which are the most senior cabinet minister is a deputy minister
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