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Political Science
Matthew Hoffmann

Thinking Theoretically I September 23 , 2013 Continuing from previous lecture Impact of Cold War Today;  - evolution of sovereignty helps has understand how politics is today  the importance of the Cold War:  situation of Syria can be directed back towards the Cold War  development of the conflict in Afghanistan is related to the events that happened to the Cold War because of the invasion in 1979  dynamics that we see in world politics today have been shaped by the Cold War  Change of type of conflict  Guerilla warfare o Hit and run attack, proxy warfare o Intra-state warfare that can be tribute to what is going on in the world o It is more than two countries fighting, but more interventions getting involved in civil wars  Trace this back to the Cold War  Cold war put a huge vapor on countries fighting  Cold War split the world into two blocks  The real competition was proxy wars, to identify who would have more power over what  i.e Korean War, Vietnam War  Prominence of the UN  For the UN to have an authoritative voice, there must be an agreement between the Security Council o have a majority vote plus all five VETO power countries must vote (Russia, China, France, US, Great Britain) o almost every issue during the Cold War has conflicts between the VETO countries o ** Decreased the Prominence of the UN during the Cold War** o Korean War was the only time all countries agreed  Primacy of the US  Have the ability to do certain things because they are the super power o However this can be a back fire because they are held responsible for everything o On the other side because there is not two super powers fighting over power o Primacy does not translate to influence o Post Cold War becomes more complex because there is a breakdown of the two block system. Many countries have numerous amounts of weapons, there are poor leaders  Expansion of International  This is where the relationships between the Soviet Union and the US was established because of the block system  Expansion towards Human rights, environmental rights, and the growth of the global economy  Human Rights became a concern following the birth of the UN  This has structured a complex geopolitical society  Realism  Does NOT mean realistic  What it refers to is the debates in the 1930’s where the people who became known as realists were reacting to naïve people about international relations around the world  This School of thought emerged as a counter point and called themselves as a realistic  Realisms Answers to the Four Questions: o Who are the important actors?  Only States because there is nothing above states and everything
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