polb80 lecture 2

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Political Science
Francis Wiafe- Amoako

POLB80 Lecture 2 A classical world example threat of nuclear proliferaltionDominance nuclear arenals should be kept with the five permanent members of e security councilReciprocity exchange nuclear proliferation for economic gains EgLibya in 2003 and north Korea was warned by the USA in 2006 that USA would retaliate any UK in 2006 that US would retaliate any NK arsenal used against itIdentity many states with nuclear weapon capacities have chosen not to do so eg Sweden germany sou Africa and japanActors in international relations States astateis a territorial entity controlled by a government and inhabited by a population or its citizens It excercise sovereignty over its territory by making and TerritoryEmpirical and Judicial senses of the stateIn the empirical de facto sense a state is that organization that has a monopoly of legitimate violence within a given territoy eg Somaliland is Somalia It may not be recognized by other statesIn the judicial de jure sense an entity is a state under international law when it is recognized as such by other states even it is recognized as such by other states even if it does not have the monopoly if the legitimate use of force within a given territoryNB only de jury states can enter into international agreements and be represented on the international for a like that of united nationsInternational systemIt is a set of relationships among the worlds state that is structured according to certain rules and patterns of interaction
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