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Political Science
Matthew Hoffmann

POLB80 Lecture 2 Monday, September 16, 2013 Agenda IR Forum Stories that the set of facts tell us 1. Power of Chemical Weapons Norms a. How strong/weak 2. Impact of past FP (US Foreign Policy) failures. 3. Geopolitics trumps morals a. Supporting an ally therefore trump the ally. Sending geopolitical signal. US is punishing Syria and can at least get Syria into a place where they are forced to give up their chemical weapons. 4. International community intervening in DomesticAffairs How did we gethhere I: The Evolution of Sovereignty  The 20 Century and Today  At the end of the lecture today you should:  Grasp that there are multiple histories that can be told about the development of IR.  Understand the origins of the modern state system and the relationship between territory and authority  Understand how key events in the 20 Century shaped how world politics looks and functions today. • IGO, UN, WTO, G20, International Governmental Organizations. States made to help manage across boarder. Large Corporation operating in global economy. Working to channel culture and. Globalized economy/movement/security problem/communication. Multiple Histories • Western Civilization? o Steeped in the notion of the national system. State system is based on the nation state. Based in Europe in the 18 century, told through the development of the nation state. • War to Wath o 20 century: international relations: transitioning from WWI (bounce of power)WWII (how nationalism essentially went ramped) Cold War (nuclear weapon) dynamics of world politics. • Western Domination? th o European expansion in the 16-18 century. Product of imperialism. Created a single global system and spread one type of global system over the whole globe. The Evolution of Sovereignty  What is Sovereignty o Who gets to make the rules where the multiple ways world politics have been organized at different times and places. Today: modern state (e.g. Canada) Federal system is the highest authority of the territory and citizen,. Monopoly on use of legitimate source. States have the ultimate authority on its territory.  Authority and Territory o Authority of national government has the extent of that territory. Central authority or control over specified territory POLB80 Lecture 2 Monday, September 16, 2013  Have authority and territory always matched one to one?  Do authority and territory match one to one today? **1648** (will be questioned on this for the FINAL EXAM) • Treaty of 30 years of Warfare • Treaty of Westphalia • Transition from feudal Europe to Modern Europe Pre-Westphalia • Feudal Europe • Crazy Quilt o Earldom, many levels of feudal authorities. Holy Roman Empire wouldn’t necessarily have control over the principality. Multiple authority and multiple relationships up and down. o Before 1648, Europe was organized along feudal terms. Had the Crazy Quilt of authority between authority and territory. Overlapping authority over the same territory. o Holy Roman Empire (it was said to be neither Holy, Roman nor an Empire.) • Peace of Westphalia o Pushed capitalism, towards centralized unit, centralized technology of warfare. o Small innovation, it says princes (the sovereign) get to decide what the religion is in the particular territory. One to one match between the authorities of the sovereign, sovereign has control over what goes on in his territory. Modern Nation System (replaced the Crazy Quilt) • Absolute o The queen and King has authority of the territory • Popular (1700-1800) o French nationalism, Authority doesn’t rest in a single person, but rest in the people. o By people who live there, authority is embodied not in the person but the people living there. (1900-2000) • Supranational o Form of the EU o Not based on single territory but multiple of. What you having is multiple/overlapping authority over t
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