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University of Toronto Scarborough
Political Science
Matthew Hoffmann

POLB80 Lecture 4 Monday, September 30, 2013 Instance Exercise • Regression of human rights • Lack of democracy Liberalism • Happier World o Different assumption • Liberalism’s Answers to the 4 Questions • 1. Who are the important actors? o The States/Domestic Government/Interests o NGOs/Individuals o IGOs  forum for cooperation, help state deal with obstacles of anarchy (make things tough for states) • 2. What is their nature? o States  Self-interested/Rational  Common Interest (realists care about relative gains) o IGOs • 3. What is their context? o Anarchy  Not concern about annulation or equal to threat  Happens in large ruptures. Post-WWII Era  Not all states are power-seeking, may seek for wealth (often) mutual gain to be found. Context is anarchy. Not the only important thing. o Interdependence  Economic trade • 4. How do they interact? o Competition, conflict is possible form of government matters, going to be aggressive states o Cooperation interdependence, mutual gains to be had. Common interests make security dilemma less of a problem. o Liberalists see both happening • Type of government matters, democracy is different from dictatorship • Security dilemma determines what goes on • Dictatorships interacting with democracy • How states will act internationally. Liberalism’s Big Points • Important of Domestic Systems o State-Type Matters  Democratic Peace Thesis • Collective Security o Removing the Security Dilemma  Classical liberal idea comes from the ideas that progresses possible. Human nature is essentially good.  Means by which we can get out of it POLB80 Lecture 4 Monday, September 30, 2013  If one member of the group is attacked, everyone in the group will respond to
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