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Political Science
Matthew Hoffmann

Terrorism and Globalization • Small group work DISCUSSION Globalization as Motivation? • Western culture values • Western power o Globalization not devoid of power o Realist: military power o Hierarchy, distribution of power • Economic Globalization – capitalism o Create winners/losers o Economic deprivation (b/c living within social economic place) o Underlying sense of deprivation, oppressed by the global capitalist system Globalization as Means • Technology o access to weapons o increase air travel o media/communication  Allows dispersed actions, spread words around the world  Real target: governments and public at large o flows of people • financial/economic system o offer more target o e.g. 911, struck a relatively limited target, had huge global ramification. World is more vulnerable because of globalization. • Shared resources & cooperation on counter side o Source of vulnerability (using internet to diffuse information) allow counter- terrorism to go global o Using aspects of globalization, flow of people, goods, money, and ideas. Enables terrorism in particular ways. Human Security • Changing ideas of objects of security and threats • Freedom form o Fear?  Basic understanding. Threats are multiple, human security should be about protection from violence. Every individual have freedom from fear. o Want?  Disease, environmental degradation, poverty. Deprivation of multiple issues.  E.g. UN video, Uganda project, protection of violence and also ramifications of the war that occurred in the past. • Is it a good idea? • Traditional security vs. human security perspective • What needs protecting? o Individual humans  Begin with human beings being the object of security rather than the state • What are the threats? o Multiple  Threat of attack, • Who is responsible o IGO’s and international community  Interconnections  State capacity (joint response, not restricted to the developing world) o State  Providing aspects of human security  Expansion of who is responsibly to include international community. Tension: Sovereignty vs. Common Concerns Types of Order • Deep Constitutio
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