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Political Science
Matthew Hoffmann

POLB80 Lecture 7 Monday, October 28, 2013 Instance Exercise • PiratesAbduct TwoAmericans on Oil Ship Off Nigerian Coast by Rick Gladstone NYT Oct 24, 2013. o Globally integrated security Globalization of security o NSActors as source of threat o Weakness of Nigeria o Pirates, the kind of environments that they thrive in  There needs to be certain weakness in the state to have impurity  The state government have complete chaos or there will be rebel groups o NSActors attempting to gain power o First war (1812) Barbary Pirate, attacking US shipping. Freedom of the sea, maintain order over a stateless place. o Importance of globalized trade networks  Operation coast of WestAfrica. Ends up changing the security relationships. US and other state system, not just protecting one’s own state, but also economic ties, dynamics and relationships.  Requires globalized trades for economic trades to exist. Nuclear Proliferation  Break down notion of where threats come from • Why do we care if nuclear weapons spread? o We care fundamentally because nuclear might be used again, has not been used since 1945 o Nuclear deterrence. The Trouble with Proliferation? More is better More is worse  Levels the playing field  How do we get there? – Partial  Removes vulnerability/ Security proliferation Dilemma  Non StateActors?  No info asymmetry  Mutually Assured Destruction even worse  Self-Determination – legitimacy  Testing?  Are these countries rational? • Constructivism: make weapons more normalized, making their use more likely • Realism: Ultimate deterrence, increase cause of war to a degree where no one wants to begin wars. Limit wars, limit escalation, it could lead to nuclear exchange. Leads to defense dominance: defense is dominant to protect nuclear weapons. (ability to absorb/fend off attacks) • Realists: o Alliances,  Canada in alliance with the most powerful country in the world – POLB80 Lecture 7 Monday, October 28, 2013 o Distribution of power  US interest to have more nuclear interest. Not Soviet’s interest. • Constructivists: o Taboo • Liberalists: o Arms Control – NPT 1968 [manage insecurity by limiting the numbers & types of weapon in the system Choosing Non-Proliferation • Grand Bargain of NPT o Help non-nuclear states o No
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