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Lecture 4

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Political Science
Doug Mac Kay

Lecture 4Review RealismRealism envisions a world characterized by conflict and clashing political communities based on human nature weather fear honor and interestOptimistic and pessimistic variantsLiberalism builds on the optimistic variants realism sees potential for peace and cooperation given proper conditionsDifference Between Liberalism and Neoliberalism Liberalism is a political ideology that believes in liberty and freedom Liberalism in economic field refers to policies that meant to encourage entrepreneurship by removing government control and interference Neo liberalism is a term that was coined 25 years ago to refer to a process that was set in motion to further economic liberalization in the world to increase international trade and commerce Liberalism can refer to progression and freedom in any sphere of life such as politics religion or economics Neo liberalism mainly refers to new policies of liberal economy that were introduced to speed up process of globalization in late eighties and early ninetiesliberalism is an economic concept that has been popular for the last 25 years It proposes free markets and virtually rule of markets to dictate development of economies It abolishes government control and interventions to encourage entrepreneurship It also proposes no price controls total freedom of movement for capital goods and services Neoliberalism is of the view that unregulated markets are the best way to proceed to increase economic growth as it will benefit everyone ultimately It encourages privatization and deregulation to give wings to international trade and commerceThe WHAT DebateAfter WW2 there is an increased move to improved theoretical rigorWhich is greater sophication and methodologyOne way or another the field is more based on scienceNeo prefix is taking political theories and making them appear scientificKenneth Waltz Wrote Man and WarTrying to figure why and when there is war and how it might be useful to find outAll of these reasons can be traced to a basic underlying causeHuman nature cannot be examined through constantsThis implies a view of human nature one that dosent change and how its implications for politics might signifyAs far as Waltz is concerned human nature is not the cause of war
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