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University of Toronto Scarborough
Political Science
Jack Parkinson

POLB80 LEC 4liberalismimportance of domestic sys type of state matters for liberals cant understand interaction and behaviour in world politics without examining what type of states youre looking at democratic peace thesis democracies dont fight with democracies but they can fight with others like dictatorships right wingsthis empirical finding is a problem for realists because realists believe it doenst matter what type of govt its the anarchy that matters they face security dilemma like any other country so they believe that democracies hav not fought yet only a matter of timecollective security removing the security dilemmarealism argues that you cant get out of security dilemma anarchy you can survive thru alliancesliberalism claims you can remove it thru intl orgs that create collective security ex if one country invades another intl org will stop that invasionex if state A knows that intl society will come to its aid if state b attacks the point is that if they know that theyre secure they wont feel uncertainturn aggression but knowing that everyone will respond and stop aggressoreasy to identify who the aggressor is in the conflictmust be clear that aggressor is always wrong and must know that intl community will act against themif theres conditions are met security dilemma can be removedfailure in the League of Nations did not respond in the 30s when italy invaded ethiopia and japan invaded chinabased on political will to react ppl willing to step out and help you works in theory but not realized is NATO a collective security orgno because it excludes everyone that isnt in NATO unlike UN UN collective security remove the security dilemmaNATO collective defense Alliance and aimed at particular threat alliance is a way to live with and protect yourself in a security dilemma cooperation under anarchy overcoming anarchy rare and not the most prevalent interaction coo
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