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Lecture 5


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Political Science
Jack Parkinson

Lecture 5Marxism3 diff types of MarxismMarxism as a governing philosophy communism ex SU china cuba numerous marxist parties as wellin diff govtsMarxism exists as a philosophy of history teleological towards a specific endpoint Marxist sees history develop towards inevitable end Agrarian industrialModel of politicsIRHistorical orientation than realism and liberalism Marxism takes time and history into account whereas realism and liberalism take politics as timeless Ex Security dilemma same thing applies in cold war and in medieval times Therefore realism is ahistoric theories TIME PERIOD DOESNT MATTERMarxismhistorical theory ex All agrarian states interacting will be very diff from a bunch of industrial states interacting Marx unfolding of patterns whereas real and liberalstuff happening over and over again nothing newThe way we make things and create wealthmeans of production In marxism they see evolution of means of production Ex Capitalism way we make things and create wealth Industrial or financial capitalUSSR marxist dictatorshipHave not seen the most real form of communism can it exist in a capitalist dominated economyS
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