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Lecture 7


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Political Science
Jack Parkinson

LEC 7 WAR AND SECURITYautarchy ensure you produce everything you need so that you are not vulnerable global economy intl sys dont always correlate MNCs rooted in intl sys they have loyalty to their own home country therefore not exactly global actors simply economic actors operating across borders with intl interests often chinese MNC are national controlledassignmentexecutive summary 1 paragraph that summarize advice you would give next president500700 background support for the contention 2 parts gen summary of what has happened this fall about the issue not what campaign says whats happening with climate policy global negotiations research summarize the position on the 2 campaigns if they dont have a standpoint then state it soadvice advice should be justified by how world politics works a goal of what should USA try to pursuetopics USAvs china relations17502200 wordsintl securitywhat needs protecting and from what threatsprotected by whom what actors are responsible for doing the protectingstatesobj of security other statesthreat states responsible for protecting thyselfexpanded notions perhaps global community need protecting intl sys that remains stable threats can expand not just state to state threat not sta
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