Week 6

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Political Science
Francis Wiafe- Amoako

Week 6 Lecture Notes 10202011 85700 AM e Collective Security y It is an offshoot of liberal institutionalism y A Broad alliance in the international system to jointly oppose aggression by a belligerent actor y Must include all great powers y Commitment as well as an agreement on what constitutes aggression is key to ensuring collective security Eg Security Council y Collective Security have been successfully invoked just once 19901991 also in 2001 Was unsuccessful in 2003 stDemocratic Peace Kants 1 definitive article on perpetual peace y Attempt to extrapolate domestic politics unto the international system y Argues that democracies are generally peace as compared to autocracies or dictatorship y A dyadic relationship which argues that democratic states do not fight each other ETCETERA ETCETERAWhy Democracies Dont fight y They require citizens support to go to war y They mostly trade with each other and therefore have a very high interdependence y War is very costly to political leadersDomestic Influences y Foreign Policy is also shaped by the society within which decision makers operate y Eg Bureaucracies Interest Groups MilitaryIndustrial complex Public Opinion LegislatureBureaucracyy Government agencies that affect decision making y The Defense department and the State department are key in foreign policy makingy Diplomats are very influential in foreign policy decisionmaking
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