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University of Toronto Scarborough
Political Science
Francis Wiafe- Amoako

The Security Dilemma Russett Bruce Starr and KinsellaStates exist in a sovereign manner basically in an anarchic environment where each state must look out for its own well being Even allies cant be counted on because there is no formal system of punishmentThe result is the security dilemma human groups and by extension states will never feel secure in the presence of other groups They are driven to become more powerful in order to protect themselves This results in the other groups becoming insecure and fighting for more power The process is thus a cyclical striving towards powerThe Prisoners DilemmaThe prisoners dilemma is a good metaphor for how people can become trapped by self defeating acts ie state leadersYou can either cooperate best mutual result or defect best possible individual result The dominant strategy is the one that we choose to take regardless of the other party defect in this caseThe equilibrium outcome is the one where neither player has an incentive to choose differently if acting alone The socially optimal outcome is the one that allows the players to have a mutually favorable outcome In this case the equilbirum and socially optimal outcomes are not the same A parallel can be drawn with the Soviet American arms race mutual restraint mutual armament unilateral res
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