International Relations Chapters 1-3 (based on all four lectures )

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Introduction to International Relations 10052012 14100 PM POLB80H thMay 10 2012 Tharrny SelvathayabaranInternational Relationsrelationship between states states need each other States cannot do things just by themselvesthe US cannot do things byCRIMEBecause we people are restrained in resourceshumanseconomicallyfinancially but OTHER countries can help with that Other ActorsIn realist opinionSTATE is the only person that matters other actorsNGOS MNSCIGOS INDIVIDUALStony Blairbill Clintonbill Richardson IF you have NGOS AND IGOSinternational organizationBill Richardson governor ofMexico he can go in and protect States are governed by a particular government enforcing laws collecting taxes MAX WEBER STATESA state monopoly on the legitimate use of physical force within a given territorytherefore includes institutions as armed forces civil services the courtsand police Issues that state engage in State Sovereigntyability of state to act independently in their OWN STATEtreaty of WestphaliaGlobal Finance TerrorismHuman Security ProliferationEconomic DevelopmentEnvironmentorganized crimehuman rights History Of International Relation Traced back to Peace of Westphaliaended the thirty years war and eighty years warEstablished a new world political orderthe idea of STATE SOVEREIGNITY having supreme independent authority over a territory TreatiesYou cannot just enter into a treaty because it is bound by international lawbilateraltwo countries US AND JAPAN and Multilateral MORE than two countries when a treaty is signed it becomesOBLIGATORY and if you dont follow it there are consequencescurrently NUCLEAR PROLIFERATION TREATYthe problemIranis trying to go around the treatyUse of NPT for civil purposesIRAN ulterior motivesthis violates nuclear non proliferation signatory to the treaty treaties are enforced by reciprocity In Daily Life elections protests NAFTA job securityGlobal InsecuritiesStates relateimprove collective interestglobal warming security crimeindividual state interests poses a challenge to overall international interestcollective goods problem is acute in a an international setting due to the lack of supragovernmentProblems of Collective ActionFree ridersconsumer public resources but dont share cost of production Tragedy of the commonsInternational Waters for fishing somebody got to give SELF INTEREST Prisoners Dilemmaeach entity ends up with worse outcomeHow to Deal with Collective Action Problems The principle of Dominancewe should of have hierarchya single country to check other states if they dont behave right HEGEMONEYUNUS Advantagesorderstability predictability Disadvantages oppressionResentment Reciprocitypositive contribution to Systemwhere u get rewardedghadagi got rewarded when he said he will not pursue nuclear proliferationand he got a chance to talk into un general assembly Most norms are based on reciprocity FREE TRADE AdvantagesIncentive for mutual cooperation Disadvantage Downward Spirals misjudging other state interestsYOU CANT GO FREE BECAUSE OF RECIPROCITYIdentityidentified in a certain waysome of them want to be neutralSWITZERLAND identify yourself with agroup of peopleSCANDAVIANcountries are interested in the developing worldsAdvantage Sacrifice for groupRedifine InterestDisadvantageSeen as OUTCAST World ExampleNUCLEAR PROLIFERATION Dominancenuclear arsenals should be kept with five permanent members of security Council Reciprocity Exchange NP for economic gainsTWO ASPECTS OF STATEDefacto a state that has all institutionsit may not be recognized by other statesNot recognized by international lawSOMALIA PalestineTaiwan Dejure a state that is recognized by international law ONLY DEJURE states can enter into international activities and be representedIEUNITED NATIONS
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