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Lecture 3

POLB80 Lecture 3 Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Political Science
Robin Ramcharan

Summary Lesson 3Those who advocated international organizations collective security approaches were responding to the origins of WWI What caused WWI This is the basic question that gave rise to the academic study of IR What caused WWI Historians have suggested the following reasons 1 WWI was Germanys fault 2 the international geopolitical structure caused the war 3 technologymilitary mobilization generated war 4 imperialism and competition between capitalist states 5 nationalism Among the consequences of the war Germany loses territory and population two great powers disappear AustriaHungary and the Ottoman Empire two new powers emerge USA and Japan and the Mandate system emerged under which Britain and France administered former German territoryTo help prevent another world war the Treaty of Versailles of 1919 following President Wilsons proposals created the League of Nations as a collective security mechanism President Woodrow Wilson proposed 14 points for a postwar order which included the following suggestions the internal governance of states matters and affects war and peace selfdetermination should be granted to former colonies a League of Nations should be created to guarantee peace and securityAmong the functions of the league were ensuring the rule of law promote parliamentary democracy in interstate relations enforce peaceful settlement of disputesThe Institutional approach to security is rooted
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