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Political Science
M.Hoffmann- Universityof Toronto

2/4/2013 9:09:00 AM WORLD BANK SEES ROLE AS CONSULTANT ANNE LOWERY Of what is this an instance ? - This is an instance of Institutionalism , where expert are giving advice to countries; - Hegemonism : capitalism/ Western Power ( its not any kind of advise , offering advice about how to better function in the global economy. - World Banks mandate , and the role it think it should play ( more generalized economic and financial advice) - Middle income countries are protected , they are still going to play the role of thunder, but it is going to be less of a role because of globalization; the flow of capital. There Is going to be continuity in terms of the world bank seeing itself as an expert - How these perspectives would define these problems : poverty and development ! - Millennium development goals by 2015 eliminate severe poverty. - - - Institutionalism : more structural adjustments, opening their markets - How is a development a problem to feminism : long-term institutionalized, subjugation of women ; women are forced to carry children that they cannot provide for (gender discrimination leads to poverty) - Gender equality hampers us to poverty , produced unequal access to education , access to credit is unequal and discriminatory ; not brining full potential of population - Hegemonism : exploitation + transformation - Control of production , commodity , dependence , impossible to get out of this - Structurally set up to advantage some and disadvantage others; - Set up to help the capital owning classes - If your in the periphery , It is hard to get out of it. Institutionalism : - bad government - failed states lack of resources - lack of knowledge - problem of making better states ; - Intitutionalsim : creating of IO is to make better states, to enhance soverienghty of states; - How you understand a problem is in which way you would attack the particular problem ; - - Trying to understand some conventional solutions , take insttuonaistm because of WORLD BANK ; - CRITIQUES with the WORLD BANK - How it is a way out, but what are the disadvantages from any one of these - Encourage Low wage industries: get investment in the country , take advantages in your comparative advantage as in low wage so you get moving as a commodity producer and getting into the industrialized economy, any job is better than no job , moving from one dollar to two dollars a day. If you start with low-wage, get more investment and get higher wages. Lead to higher capital ; CHINA , TAIWAN , JAPAN , able to grow there way int
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