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Political Science
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Week# 3 Global Governance Perspectives Continued 27-01-2013 04:20:00 Of what is this an instance ? o Institutionalism – IMF o Structuring their regulations to save the global banking industry o Trust that different states are putting into the IMF (financial advice) or in other words Global Economic Stability. o Elites and expertise o Technocratic enterprise Follow World Economic Forum o Transnationalism : private actors lobbying their beliefs o Many times you see Transnationalism and Institutionalism at work :Conflict of Tools/purposes within global governance. TRANSNATIONALISM o Expansion of different actors for different agendas o No longer IOS , States, Rules and Treaties ; its expanding to a range of private and public network. (broader agenda) o Example : Oxfam, WWF , Greenpeace , World Fair Trade organization, World Economic Forum, The power of Humanity o Governing through non state actors Purpose: o affecting Governance,(lobbying groups) o Making rules themselves (GOVERNING : PAUL WALKER) o Governing, dual purpose dependent on the actor , o WWF ( development of treaties , a key actor in developing convention on endangered species) o Deal with environment , looking to solve problems through exsisting tools of global governance ( to work to change how states cooperate on issues) o EARTH FIRST : not to influence, transform system itself , to put nature at the centre of politics , to radically transform o Nature of problems : larger goals , but specific goals for specific locations , the problems are broader because of diverse actors , but multiple problems crossing boarders. ABOVE , BELOW , BETWEEN the states Nature of the Tools: o transgovermental network : national government talking to abroad or counterparts , they exist they have been meeting for many years informal networks (policy in particular areas) o private/civil (private actors to change what they do : public values , moral argument ,representative argument), coercion , economic clout o public-private ( public is governmental sector , IGO ) (private sectors , actors that have private) WEF :is both , network both public and private actors. o illegal ? organizations that use methods that we do not condon , terrorist groups , they are definitely putting forth a vision for playbook to work (their version), criminal organizations. Transational actors using violence , the difference between these actors is public opinion , legality , legitimacy , Hegemonism o - comes out of Marxist thoughts , Antonio Gramsci o - not talking about hegemony as if a state is a hegemon (United states being a powerhouse) o - dominant set of ideas that shapes how the world works o - GLOBAL CAPITALISM o The way we keep capitalism within international setting o How to spread and maintain capitalism , they accept INSTITUTIONALISM , TRANSATIONALISM , BUT together do not recognize or admit they don’t see the purpose of this problem-solving ; o What they are really doing is maintaining and enforcing capitalism o Exploitation of most people , and enrichment of a few (global governance) o Purpose: uncover the system of exploitation (the study of global goverance is to analyze the system and maintain the capital system) o Bond RATERS : private actors that rate bonds , they are giving a score and credit rating to different types of debt and investements ; AAA more likely to pay back that debt (, your able to sell at a lower interest rates , your more of a surer BET) o Transnational perspective bond raters is that they are solving problems in terms of trust and information ( so we can have a global bond market) o From a hegemonic perspective , re-inforcing a mechanism of capitalism , there is an aspect to rich-poor , exploitation of labour , they are defining and forcing how a state should act in the capitalist system. o Anaylize and uncover of capitalist system , ultimately one of CRITICAL transformation ; radically transform the system. Global Governance is the PROBLEM . o Tools : transformative : transformations are the ultimatile perceptive. Speaking truth to power is one of their tools, heavy on analysis o Activism : designed to try and overturn the system we have. Would economic forum : how do we make this global capitalism work better there is a world social forum that is against the wolrd economic forum. o If you really want to capture the disputes ( WEF(fixing problems) , WSF(change the system ) Feminism o Global dynamics problems on gender dynamics ; gender and inequality is built by global governance structures. Existing institutions help to dominate women. o Global-Local: the cycle of public-private considering the type of work , has reproduced in the global and local ; reproduction of the exact same process. IMF helps to establish the discrimination. Purpose: Public- Private:(CORE TO FEMINIST IDEOLOGY) traditionally the work that women do have allowed men participate in public life. Public discourses and public governance therefore been in notion of inequality between the genders! ALL the way to global-local. o Feminist idea : has a problem solving perspective to global governance so like transnationalism : ALTERING GG dynamics to better reflect the gender equality. o Feminist organizations , and NGOS lobby world bank ( how development policies on women towards equality) o There is also a role of transformation that has similarity within HEGEMONISM : in some ways the problem is GG and GCapitalim(Structures) o Problems: o Tools: show how system
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