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POLB81 - Tutorial 7 Notes

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Political Science
Wiafe- Amaoko

POLB81 GLOBAL ISSUES AND GOVERNANCE Part II: International Cooperation Week 7: Environment and Politics (Mar 7) Documentary: Frontline Documentary: Frontline Resistance to change in major corporations Resistance to change in washington – congregation and constitutional policies A lot of countries depend on Himalayan glaciers for water More population, more deforestation Many areas of china already live in scarcity of water Melting glaciers are just one problem, sea levels arising, water absorbing CO2, fisheries failing, desserts are expanding, people are being forced off land Scientists predict by 2035, glaciers will be melted World-wide storms, fires more frequent Need to cut 60-80% of greenhouse gases Fossil fules, coal, natural gas emissions increased after industrial revolution, it was steady before for thousands of years History of U.S. – cheap fuel country; sat on vast amounts of oil, no reason to care; cheap and abundant coal (engine of industrial revolution) At Kyoto 1997, u.s.
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