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POLB81 - Tutorial 3 Notes

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Political Science
Wiafe- Amaoko

POLB81 GLOBAL ISSUES AND GOVERNANCE Part I: International Political Economy (IPE) Week 3: International Trade and Globalization (cont’d) & North South Relations (Feb 1) Readings: Charlton’s “Can Trade Liberalization Benefit Both Rich and Poor?”; Sach’s “The Strategic Significance of Global Inequality” Cont’d from last week’s article... 1. Main objective of Krasner’s article: - Why at some points in time are the structure of international trade more open than others 2. ITS: - SPECTRUM: autarky |------------| openness - 3 indicators that tell us what kind of ITS structure we live o Tariffs o Propensity of National Income From Trade (Foreign trade – imports & exports) o Trade patterns  In more autarkic system, we see limited trade pattern and mostly regional patterns of trade  In more open, we see more global trading patterns 3. outlines 4 basic interest of state 1. aggregate national income 2. social stability – instability would be protests, and in most extreme case revolution 3. political power – maximize relative (in relation and comparison to another state) political power 4. economic growth – ↑rate of econ growth Why does this matter and how is it connected to what Krasner is doing? Shapes or determines what type of ITS a state wants. Do all states pursue these interests in the same way? No... dependent on state size and level of development. 4. identifies 3 possible configurations of the int’l state
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